With our mediterranean mentality, our belief is that everyone nowadays can provide a standard service in a salon. In such a fast growing market full of choices, that’s not enough.

We strongly believe that it is in our best interest to provide our clients with a high quality service, in a relaxed atmosphere combined with friendly, yet professional approach.

Each and everyone of you is unique. 

Hairdressing is the art of expressing ones' personality and feelings. 

Hair was an important element from the first civilisations of our planet.

Hair is and will always be the only integral Jewellery men and women carry from the moment they are born. 

The x factor for a high self-esteem that brings harmony.

Nice to know! 
About 800 to 500 B.C, in ancient Greece, women had thick and dark hair mostly. Lighter hair  meant better status, wealth and more. Therefore, women would gather together applying vinegar in their hair, exposed  under the strong sun for hours until their hair got lighter.